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international internship program

Elite Intern is a career coaching and overseas internship placement platform. We provide you the opportunity to work in your field of interest around the world.

We want our candidate to gain not only a wonderful work experience, but also an unforgettable journey. Start by choosing your preferred city and industry, and we will introduce you to an industry professional who will guide you through the hiring process.

international internship programs

5000+ Employers in 30+ Industries

Elite Intern has been working toward perfecting our placement process. We are partnering with the world’s leading personnel recruitment firms to give you access to thousands of exclusive internships. Companies of all sizes utilize our service because we understand their needs well. Our strong relationships with hiring managers open up the gateway for your successful landing on the other side of the planet.

intern agency


Elite Intern provides you with a customized internship placement that is commensurate with your background, skills and experience. Once you submit your application, our counselor will work with you one-to-one to place you a suitable internship through an intense application procedure. If the existing internship programs are not applicable to you, we will consult our network of companies and organizations to look for new internship opportunities.

international internship programs


Do you know what you are good at? Even so, do you know what you love to do for your future career? At Elite Intern, we truly believe that everyone has a great potential, the question is whether you have addressed your abilities at the right direction? We have partnered with HR-Training companies to provide you a neuroscience-based test, which takes advantage of some of the most up-to-date neuroscience discoveries. This exciting approach can show not only your natural or instinctive behavior preference, but also the extent in which you modify or adapt your preference on different specific situations such as at work or at interview.

international internship program

Best Exposure at Your Dream Company

Elite Intern provides you with a personalized program based on your goals. Most companies’ internship programs are the pipeline for full-time employment programs. As an intern, you will be given a unique insight into how the firm operates, and you will have the chance to work closely with the professionals to develop additional skills. The right mix of in-class training, mentoring, and on-the-job practice will give you the advantage to beat your competitors in the market.

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