Getting Started


You need to complete our application and submit the supporting materials on our website. A non-refund US$50 application fee will be charged when you apply. Once your application is completed, Elite Intern will assess your profile and contact you within 72 hours to help you decide the field and position to apply based on your educational background, language and professional skills.


After we review your application we will conduct a face to face pre-interview with you (International students will be via Skype or telephone). This pre-interview helps us to know you better and match you with an applicable internship position. The interview takes 25-30 minutes where we'll assess your career goals as well as your suitability to the program you have applied for. At the same time, our counselor will illustrate different internship programs to you and answer your questions during the pre-interview. If you pass our pre-interview, you will be asked to pay 20% of the program tuition as an initial deposit. This shows that you are serious and committed to the program and we will begin the process of finding a high-quality placement to match your learning objectives.

  Resume Advisory and Mock Interview

When we match you with a suitable internship program, our counselor will help revising your resume and conducting a series of mock interviews with you. Our interview specialist will prepare you with the essential interview skills and enhance your chance to get your ideal internship. We will provide you with at least three interview opportunities in your preferred fields.

  Accept your Placement

Once a specific internship site has agreed to take you on, you will receive a formal internship offer with an explanation. You will need to pay the remaining tuition. If you cancel the program after accepting an offer, additional $ 200 cancellation penalties will apply.

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