Volunteer Service

Elite Volunteer is a non-profit NGO that is part of our main education consultant company, Elite Intern. We provide community services to needed areas around the world. With a range of exciting projects and locations to choose from, students can take part in different activities and immerse themselves in the different culture and experiences. Students’ participation does not only bring a memorable and fruitful volunteering experience, but also contributes to a long term volunteer project that ultimately improves the situation of the communities.


Target volunteers



Age 18 or up (students age below 18 should seek for parental/ guardians’ approval)



Someone who is interested in gaining more volunteer experiences



Someone who would like to improve and help with underprivileged communities



Someone who would like to experience and learn more about the culture of overseas countries and communicate with locals



Education and reconstruction

Activities and achievements:


Gain in-depth understanding in Thailand education and compare it with those of developed countries



Understand the living situation of children and residents without sufficient resources



Prepare for education activities



Assist in improving school environment and facilities



Understand local culture, living style and eating habits and communicate with locals



Visit Saveone night market sightseeing on one of the nights (depending on work schedule and weather)




Wild animals conservation

Our services


Volunteer training before departure






Meals during their stay (subject to availability)



Airport pick up on the first day of arrival and departure on the last day



Transportation from airport to volunteer project destination



Update students post volunteer work about the situation of the community



For more information, please contact us at [email protected]


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