Why Intern Abroad

  Distinguish Yourself from the Other Graduates

An international internship will make your resume stand out. Very few students have international internship experience, so participation in our global elite internship program not only gives you a professional advantage but also demonstrates to potential employers your ability to function with different peoples and cultures.

  Develop Your Global Competence

More than ever, whether you are in the US, UK, China, India, or another part of the world, to meet the demands of today's Global Economy, you need international work experience. You need to develop your knowledge and perspective about the world's regions, cultures, global affairs, and the skills and dispositions to engage responsibly and effectively in a global environment.

  Invest in Yourself

According to business week, 76% of employers require internship experience from recent graduates, and many graduates receive job offers from the company in which they had their internship. Since you already invested in your education, why not invest in yourself for an Elite Intern's internship abroad now? The payoff begins with the receipt of your dream offer, which opens the door to your desired career path that otherwise might not have been possible to obtain.


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