Winter Internship

It is cold and the days are short. Most people stay in and enjoy family time by the fireplace during their Winter break, but you don’t have to slow down on your path to a successful career. You could instead be much more proactive and productive. Show employers how hungry you are by getting a Winter Internship and gaining useful work experience. Winter break is an excellent time to build your resume, this extra mile could well be the differentiation between yourself and other talents. You definitely won’t regret of spending your Winter break as an intern.
So figure out which industries interest you most and what your goals are in getting an internship. Achieve them to stand out to employers!
Spend this Winter with your choice of our internship programs located in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Each program is a unique combination of internship, traveling, new friendships and exciting events. For the details of our full services, please read our program details on or contact us.
The Winter 2016 Internship Programs provide you with all of the necessary amenities to have a successful experience. In addition to our guaranteed internship placement in your interested field, our programs also include accommodation, social events, 24/7 support, resume and interview coaching. Our participants will enjoy a safe and worry-free learning journey. You will be one of the hundreds of motivated college students or recent graduates from different universities worldwide – this is a global intellectual community where talented individuals can share and grow both individually and collectively as a group.
In today’s competitive global economy, an abroad internship is an invaluable addition to any resume. Working overseas shows an independent attitude, an impressive cultural sensitivity, and a clear drive to succeed. 
Apply now for an extraordinary Winter Internship and gain a major head start with Elite Intern! 

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