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Hospitality & Tourism Internship

Hospitality & Tourism internships are the ultimate training grounds for those who are interested in managing operations in the food and beverage field, hotel and retail guest services and recreation. Internship in Hospitality & Tourism is all about managements and details. No matter you are in a restaurant position or the receptionist at the concierge counter of your hotel, one thing you should never forget is you are representing your country and you are upholding a tradition of outstanding customer service and facilitating a memorable experience for your guests from around the world.

Our Hospitality & Tourism internships provide the working experience in top-class hotels and famous tourist attractions in the world. In the end of the programs, your hospitality and customer management skills will be enhanced by engaging you in  customer service, event management and facilities operations  through the guidance of an experienced and qualified professional in the Hospitality & Tourism industry.

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hospitality internships abroad

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