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London, the political, economic and cultural capital of Britain, is a diverse and graceful city with some of the world's most important historical sites and attractions. Being the biggest city in the United Kingdom and even in the European Union, London gives you a breathtaking blend of historical and contemporary. Explore the East End with its exciting nightlife and hottest fashion trends.  Walk the historic streets of Westminster and visit the Houses of Parliament or Buckingham Palace.  With its history and culture, you can’t help but will fall in love with this city, and a London internship gives you a shortcut to a full-time position in any city worldwide.

Elite Intern provides you an incredible opportunity to intern in the financial capital of Europe. By working with London’s top employers and people from all over the world, a London internship connects you to an extensive global network within your desired industry. In the past few years, a majority of UK internship programs have been in the fields of accounting, media, and public relations. These programs provide outstanding students with extraordinary on-the-job learning experience.



An internship in London is the perfect way to gain vital career experience that will boost your resume. Elite Intern offers an outstanding internship program that will match you with a career opportunity to enhance your professional development. London companies are always looking to hire international students who have diverse skills and are eager to learn.

Elite Intern will work to match you with an internship placement in London that closely meets your area of interest.  Our goal is to place you in a position that will advance both your personal and professional goals while giving you a chance to immerse yourself in a new culture.  Placements can vary among local businesses and organizations, where you will work 32 hours a week during the summer.

Our London internship program gives you the opportunity to work in leading global city that is one of the most important business and art centers of the world.


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