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NGO & Non-Profit Internship

It means a lot being an intern at NGO and non-profit organization.  Every day you will be rewarding the community with meaningful service. Non-profit internships are expanding in the market since these organizations need dedicated and thoughtful people to help with spreading their message. A highlight of non-profit internships is that not only do you get to choose what area within the organization you want to work in, but you also get to pick the field you are truly passionate about and interested in promoting. For example, if you love the nature and the Earth, you can choose to intern at Greenpeace or similar organization.

A Non-Profit internship with Elite Intern will enhance your practical skill set such as program development & event management and interpersonal & communication skills. While you get to see immediate results of your hard work, the benefits in personal and professional development, as well as the memories of working together with people who share the same interest will last forever in your life.

Apply today for a NGO & Non-Profit internships with Elite Intern to boost your career!
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